Sample Scripts to Amend the Equality Act

Write and call your representatives using these ready-made scripts. #AmendTheEqualityAct

Dear CoFA Supporters,

The Biden/Harris administration will soon launch efforts to pass the Equality Act which will end the rights of women and girls. Help save our rights!

Cut and paste this sample letter in an email or hard copy or both to your Senators and Representatives.

Contact information for your Senators here and Representatives here.

Dear [Representative or Senator] [Name],

I’m a constituent residing in zip code [Enter your zip code].

The loss of vital basic human rights provisions for women and girls is threatened by the passage of the current version of the Equality Act. Female only facilities and programs are essential to the protection of the female sex against male-pattern violence and to allow progress to be achieved toward equality for women and girls.

The Feminist Amendments provide a simple solution to save and protect vital civil rights of women and girls and all classes of citizens while not negating sex-based protections that begins with just these four words:

“Sexual orientation” and “sex stereotyping.”

The Feminist Amendments:

Eliminate gender identity and instead establishes two new categories of civil rights law: “sexual orientation” and “sex stereotyping” which will not eliminate sex-based protections and will effectively protect all classes.

Contain clear definitions of sex and sex stereotyping that will preserve female facilities and programs, allowing women and girls to participate fully in public life.

Protect lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and all people who don’t conform to imposed gender roles and stereotypes, including transgender people, from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, and places of public accommodation.

Allow for the establishment of gender neutral facilities for individuals who may feel safer or more comfortable in such spaces so long as the availability and access to female only facilities is not diminished

Allow each protected class to continue to make progress toward achieving true equality.

It is urgent that the Senate and House conduct hearings to gather evidence on the conflicts of the current version of the proposed Equality Act. Contact members of CoFA who can provide additional significant evidence to support the necessity of the Feminist Amendments.


[Your name, the name of your organization, the number of members and your organization who support the Feminist Amendments].

·         Contact your networks and ask them to e-mail, mail, and call their Senators and Representatives.

·         Forward this email to your friends.

·         Post this letter on your Facebook page and other appropriate Facebook pages.

·         Call your Senators and Representatives. Use this script as a guide:

My name is [Name].  I am a constituent of [Senator or Representative] and I reside at [ZipCode]. I am calling regarding the Equality Act. I object to the passage of this version of the Act. The current Equality Act conflates sex with gender identity and thus eliminates the sex-based rights of women and girls. This problem can be solved  starting with the removal of “gender identity” and instead adding these four words: “Sexual orientation” and “sex stereotyping.” Ask [Name or Representative or Senator] to call for a hearing on the Equality Act; to read  Feminist Amendments  and the letter received from the Coalition for Feminist Amendments, and to consider incorporating these Amendments into the bill. Thank you.

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In solidarity,